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“Champion of Caring” program honors employees for the outstanding care they provide.

At ProMedica Senior Care, we regularly honor our employees around the country for their service, but we thought we’d take it a step further and reward those who provide above-and-beyond care. Each quarter, seven finalists are nominated across all our operating divisions, with one being selected as the quarter’s “Champion of Caring.”

The 2020 first quarter winner is Carol P., Resident Caregiver at Arden Courts of Monroeville, Pennsylvania.


Over the past 18 years, Carol has worn a few different hats at Arden Courts of Monroeville, such as a Med Tech, Supervisor, Mentor and her current position as a Resident Caregiver. Any task that she’s given, Carol exceeds all expectations because of her bright smile, amazing ability to connect with people and her devotion to her residents’ needs. What she loves most about her job are the residents and that shows in every aspect of her day-to-day routine. She also cares just as much for her employees as she does her residents. Her team members are always happy to see her on the schedule. Carol attributes her success as a Caregiver to her team members as they are always there to help get the job done alongside her. She’s also managed to take on mentoring under her belt as teaching new employees how to provide the best care is important to her. Her Caregiver role isn’t just a job, it’s a ministry to serve others.

“Having Carol on our staff makes Arden Courts the best care provider. Her daily consistent work ethic, caring, compassion, tenderness, all of those things [are what] every family member desires for the person that they’ve let us take care of. I think family members are glad when she’s working that day because of her taking the time to say hello and ask how they are and to let them know of some wonderful situation that might’ve occurred with their loved one. I would describe Carol’s care of our residents as one that follows our philosophy of being helpful, caring and responsive and she shows that in every action she takes.” – Ella D., Executive Director

The 2019 fourth quarter winner was Marcel D., Floor Technician at ManorCare Health Services – Dunedin.

In his seven-year career with ProMedica Senior Care, Marcel has excelled every day with his helpful and caring spirit and responsive attitude. With a smile on his face, he takes every opportunity to greet patients and their families by their names and always makes an effort to consistently put the patient first, such as taking time out of his shift to brighten their day. He’s also an incredible team member. His unwavering work ethic and ‘can-do’ attitude means he’ll help anyone out regardless of what department they’re in. He’s received numerous compliments on his customer service and professionalism, not only from his co-workers but also from patients and their families. Dedication is in his blood. When you ask Marcel to complete a task, he goes above and beyond. His dependability is impeccable, and he’s never missed a day of work.

“Marcel is the ideal employee. He comes into the building with a smile on his face and leaves with a smile on his face and puts a smile on everyone’s face that he comes across. That’s what makes Marcel exceptional.” – Scott T., Senior HR Director

Past Winners


With 16 years under her belt, Karen’s devotion to patients and families at Heartland Hospice of Shawnee has been recognized by all who have had the pleasure of engaging with her. She’s recruited volunteers with sign language proficiency and has put together a volunteer team to assist with birthday parties, nail polishing and to send out cards of encouragement to patients. Most impressive is her excellent care of veterans. She’s assembled a volunteer team that visits patients when admitted and presents them with a pin and certificate, thanking them for their service. Another part of her veteran’s program includes presentation of the service flags of each branch of the military and folding of the American flag, which occurs seven times a year. She exudes a caring and positive attitude towards her co-workers as well, such as leading efforts to assist fellow employees in need, all the while living the company’s core values.

“If I could clone anything about Karen, I would clone her passion for [providing] care to patients and family and recognizing the veterans. She promotes the Circle of Care philosophy by treating everyone like she would like to be treated daily and by putting her team in front of as many patients and families as we can serve in the community.” – Lisa, Regional Director of Operations


For 25 years at Donahoe Manor, Linda has proven time and again that she displays all aspects of a helpful, caring and responsive employee. She’s received numerous verbal and written compliments not only from patients, but also from their families. As an excellent mentor, she has a positive influence on all of her “students.” From patients to co-workers, she makes everyone feel welcomed because of her humility, compassion and willingness to help whenever necessary, especially when staffing is short. Co-workers have found her to be kind and professional, an exceptional leader who inspires by her example and who truly loves making a difference.

“Linda is a caregiver with heart. I have had patients tell me that they love when Linda takes care of them because she recognizes their needs without them having to ask. The warmth is there without her trying. It comes naturally, and patients love her for that. CNAs like Linda make us what we are.” – Nancy L., Director of Nursing


For 15 years, Keith has been known for his gentleness and way of making patients feel special at ManorCare Rehab Center in Decatur, Georgia. With a smile for everyone every day, he takes time to really get to know his patients and families, incorporating what he learns within his plan of care. He continues to stay in touch with patients after they complete therapy and even after they’ve been discharged to home. Keith is exceptionally patient and kind, working with the center’s most physically challenged patients, often getting results no one else can. More than once, his shining personality has turned a difficult situation into a positive and meaningful one. He is an exceptional employee, teammate and human being.

"I think part of the reason why Keith is successful with our challenging patients is because he’s able to connect with them on an emotional level – which makes a big difference because once you are able to connect with them on an emotional level, there’s a trust there, and then they’re willing to work with him." – Vaani B., Director of Rehab at ManorCare Health Services – Decatur, Georgia


With more than 10 years of experience at Arden Courts of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Yvonne continues to advance her education. She moves easily among roles, and no job is too big or small. Yvonne brings a “wow” factor to the memory care center’s census culture, always highlighting why Arden Courts will be the perfect fit for a potential resident, which has been key to many move-ins. Her engaging personality has helped her house remain fully occupied most of the time. She also leads the center’s shadowing program and is a valued mentor. Yvonne is one-hundred percent about making the residents’ lives better and proof that one person can make a difference.

“I think Yvonne has been able to excel in her job responsibilities because she’s so detailed, and it’s the little things that she does that really make the difference.”– Jennifer D., Regional Director of Operations at Arden Courts of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


For 18 years, Trish has been an integral and essential member of the ManorCare —York North, Pennsylvania team. Over her career, she has excelled at teaching, training and guiding new nurse aides. More recently, her respectful, calm and composed demeanor has made her a proficient and skillful scheduler, one who is always willing to help employees on the floor instead of just sitting in her office. She is kind, flexible and willing to help with duties not her own and has been recognized by family members as a compassionate caregiver, all leading to her being named the Pennsylvania Health Care Association’s Caregiver of the Year for 2017.

“If I could clone Trish, it would be because of her teamwork. If I was able to take her attitude and her willingness to help, her flexibility and clone that to every employee, we would be the superb ManorCare.” – Vonda L., Director of Nursing at ManorCare Health Services – York North, Pennsylvania


In Ruben’s 14 years at ManorCare – Walnut Creek, he has been both an outstanding caregiver to patients and role model clinician to the entire ManorCare team. Patients, physicians and families count on him for up-to-date information and describe him as conscientious, efficient, courteous and cheerful. His remarkable consistency and commitment have been noted in surveys, and newer team members have remarked on his responsiveness and contributions as a mentor. He leads by example, putting his team members first and always recognizing his coworkers’ exceptional patient service.

"Ruben demonstrates day in and day out the qualities we strive for from all our employees in being helpful, caring and responsive to the needs of our patients and residents." – David Parker, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at ProMedica Senior Care


With a smile on her face and warmth in her voice, Maria has been ManorCare – Venice’s first and best impression for all those who enter the center for over 10 years. From the delivery guy to referral sources, she makes people entering feel as if they are part of a family. Co-workers describe her as vivacious, dependable, energetic and compassionate. Family members note that she has a special talent for relating to people and making you smile, even on the hardest of days. Maria memorizes every patient, family member, staff member and community partner, showing attentiveness well beyond her receptionist duties. Her warm greetings have led to an enviable number of positive Care Line calls.

"Maria treats every visitor that walks through the front doors like they are someone special. Whether it’s a family member, a vendor or an employee, she wants to know how their day is going, what they are there for and what we can do to help them. She makes everyone feel important.” – Tammy W., Administrator at ManorCare Health Services – Venice, Florida


Sonia has been a Housekeeping Aide at ManorCare – Elk Grove Village, IL for the past 21 years. She makes a point of learning patients’ names, and they know hers. She takes pride in her work and approaches everything with a detail-oriented mindset. She uses her strong work ethic to inspire the staff she trains, which has led to an outstanding housekeeping team with excellent customer service scores. Her Human Resources Director always uses her as the role model for quality care at new hire orientations. She possesses a caring, positive attitude and goes out of her way to make sure patients are safe.

“Sonia’s the type of employee that you can only dream about. She’s always working to focus on the patients and residents and nurturing their human spirit.” – Tam W., Administrator at ManorCare – Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Want to hear more from our outstanding Champions of Caring? Find the full list of finalists here.

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